Compulsory Purchase

Compulsory Purchase occurs when the government, local council or utility company has the legal right to buy your private property if it falls within a project such as:

  • Road building projects
  • Urban Regeneration Schemes
  • Housing clearance/re-developments

Compensation is paid to reflect the losses and disturbance caused by a compulsory purchase on an owner or occupier’s property.

Thomas : Stevenson advise property owners and occupiers in respect of the compensation claim to maximize the amount receivable and to minimize the stress and disruption that Compulsory Purchase schemes undoubtedly cause.

We offer the following as part of our compulsory purchase service:

  • Advice on procedural issues
  • Liaison with clients solicitors or appointment of specialist CPO lawyers
  • Advice on strategy to maximize the compensation claim
  • Relocation assistance where necessary
  • Appointment and management of other specialists where required
  • All CPO negotiations undertaken at partner level
  • Fees paid by the acquiring authority in 99% of cases

If you are affected by a possible compulsory purchase order we can assist you.